Monitor, Measure & Manage

In many programs, a small group of individuals conduct all phases of the BCM lifecycle and manages compliance reporting.  Senior management buy-in and end-user involvement would result in a more effective BCM program, but that is often too difficult to achieve or manage.  The BCM methodologies adopted by those BCM Teams often lead to program limitations or require convoluted workarounds.

  • With eBRP Suite, program implementation, user community involvement to address the complete BCM lifecycle is not only possible, it’s fundamental.
  • With eBRP Suite, in-built reports and dashboards engage senior managers to monitor, measure and manage their BCM program.
  • We designed eBRP Suite to be flexible, scalable and customizable – and not wedded to a methodology.

Modules of eBRP Suite includes:

ToolkitCore of the eBRP Suite. Supports Risk Assessment, BIA and Plan Development

CommandCentreIncident Management tools to simulate, test and exercise Toolkit plans to validate their effectiveness

ProACT – A real-time situational awareness platform to collect and analyze data, provide timely alerts and create incidents in CommandCentre for immediate actions.

IMSNIMS/ICS – based Incident Management System for Emergency Response

We’ve spent 15 years listening to the hundreds of our Customers who have helped eBRP Suite evolve to serve the real needs of a complex universe of BCM software users.

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