A Risk Assessment, identifying high impact threat, is a standard component of most BCM programs. Yet Risk Assessments are snapshots in time: they don’t reflect business environment changes or emerging threats. Effective Incident Response requires dynamic information about current threats that may disrupt business operations – ones that Risk Assessments don’t capture.

eBRP Suite’s ProACT module is a situational awareness platform that provides current and emerging threat alerts.

  • Listeners - ProACT is capable of monitoring and receiving status from multiple external sources. Current weather, seismic, political, terrorism and civil unrest information can be gathered in near real-time. Similarly, network monitoring systems can forward relevant issues; facility monitoring sensors can be configured to forward building-related issues. Users can also send formatted email messages to raise ProACT issues
  • Rule Engine – Not every issue received by ProACT may be relevant or a risk to the organization. Administrator- configured business rules can filter issues and escalate relevant ones to ‘event’ status based on locale, frequency, severity and other criteria. The flexibility of ProACT’s rule-engine will meet the needs of enterprises of any size or complexity.
  • Event Escalation – Escalated events can be configured to alert relevant stakeholders –Facility Management, IT Management, Crisis Managers and more. ProACT can also be configured to automatically create Incidents in eBRP Suite’s CommandCentre module.

When added to your Business Continuity and Risk Management arsenal, ProACT provides situational awareness, and alerts responders to the potential need for BC Plan activation.