Toolkit Features


Risk Assessment

Toolkit’s Risk Assessment feature uses asset-based Risk modeling that provides the capability to assess risks to Facilities, Business Processes, Technology and Supply Chain components as well as Teams... Read more



Business Impact Analyses are the primary method of ranking business processes; BIA results allow planners to prioritize recovery planning efforts. As every BIA is a ‘snapshot in time’, it’s imperative that BIA surveys be conducted concurrently.... Read more

Data Automation Icon

Data Automation

Toolkit helps organize your data in a structured manner – then automates your ability to keep that data current.  Updated data assures the integrity and validity of related plans, process and contact lists... Read more


Plan Development

Toolkit provides a flexible planning format - with automation that frees BC professionals to spend more time doing what’s important, not wasted shuffling files. Toolkit’s Plan Development features such as... Read more

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Approval processes can be valuable tools. Toolkit’s Approval Workflow processes to meet internal and external accountability needs. Optional Approval Workflows can be assigned to Plans and BIA parameters & the entire process is automated... Read more



Command, Control & Communications are critical elements for an effective Incident Response. Notifying stakeholders before, during and after an incident is essential for a sustainable BCM program... Read more


Decision Support

During a disruption, Senior Executives need information to make the right decisions – what is the potential impacts & causality chain, what are the potential response strategies, which recovery teams to be activated etc... Read more


Program Management

As a BC Manager, you have better things to do than shuffle files, send countless emails and manage access to documents.  Toolkit is designed to give you the greatest amount of control over your BCM Program, with the least amount of effort... Read more


Exercise Tracking

BC and DR Plans must be validated to assure their effectiveness.  eBRP Suite' Toolkit’s Exercise functions make it easy to schedule and follow up on Plan tests and exercises... Read more

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