Industries We Serve

If you’ve ever used Business Continuity Management (BCM) software, you know that most of them are either built for a single objective (Planning, Incident Management, or Crisis Communications).  They may allow you to do other things, but their design objective is to excel only at that one core functionality.  Many of these BCM products are designed to benefit only one industry (financial services, healthcare or government, for example).

So, finding BCM software to meet your organization’s unique requirements can be a challenge.  eBRP Solutions is up to that challenge! 

eBRP Suite (our BCM software) is comprehensive; covering every aspect of Business Continuity from Analyses to Situational Awareness to Incident Management and more.

  • We designed eBRP Suite to be scalable; to meet the needs of even the largest, global enterprise.
  • We assured that eBRP Suite is flexible; to fit the needs of any industry or organization type.
  • We made it customizable; to match the goals – and even the glossary – of every customer.
  • We made it secure; to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Whether you are a BCM Manager or a COOP Planner, you’ll find everything you need in eBRP Suite to develop, monitor, measure and manage your comprehensive BCM program.