Protecting critical national infrastructure is the primary goal of Business Continuity for Oil, Gas, Electric and Water utilities. Coordination of individual tools for threat monitoring, Plan development, Incident Management & NIMS/ICS can be a challenge. eBRP Suite enables utilities to Protect, Plan and Respond to operational threats – both physical and cyber – while meeting all their compliance requirements.

Monitor Threats

eBRP Suite’s ProACT module helps track, analyze, escalate and report potential threats and critical events across the organization. ProACT has the flexibility to monitor, document and report to meet any utility’s unique compliance & regulatory reporting requirements.

Generate a Response to every Incident

  • Emergency Response – eBRP Suite incorporates utilities and functions to support NIMS / ICS, enabling diverse response teams to collaborate.
  • Incident Management - eBRP Suite’s CommandCentre module aids in the tracking of every incident – from simulation exercises to full-fledged deployments.
  • Incident Command - Define ad-hoc ICS operational relationships, assign roles, populate Sections - and edit, change or append them as events evolve to meet NIMS protocols.
  • Communication - Communicate among responders and stakeholders during any incident, (regardless of location or communication device) using Integrated Notification from top-rated ENS vendors.
  • Geo-Mapping - Visualize assets on a map for planning, exercising and Incident Management decision support – with the ability to locate assets, overlay external maps and custom KMZ overlays.
  • Documentation - Request and track objectives, activities, resources and results –using executable, shareable and accessible NIMS/ICS forms. CommandCentre automatically records all ICS team and responder activities for post-incident review.
  • Compliance – Document Critical Infrastructure to support CIP compliance, NERC, FERC and other regulatory requirements.