Our Mission

We named our company eBRP Solutions for a reason.  For the last 15 years we’ve been providing solutions to client organization’s Business Continuity Management challenges. In today’s always on, globalized, supply chain extended, risk abundant business world, Business Continuity Management seems more and more complex every day.

A BCP Program is more than BIAs and Plans. Plans are good,  but do they address the different needs of your program stakeholders?

Estimated Overall Recovery Time: Plan RTOs might be well defined and documented, but what is the overall RTO when 37 or 124 plans are activated simultaneously?  Executives would like an estimate of the overall Recovery Time, when many plans are activated in response to a disruption or an exercise. Executives require this information to effectively communicate with business stakeholders, customers, financial institutions and regulators. 

Confidence in your Plans to “Activate DR”: When the  Recovery Time Objective (RTO) or the Recovery Time Capability (RTC) of the Plan is ‘consistent’ over the last few DR Tests, Executives will have the confidence to “Activate DR” in the event of a real disruption.  If the Plan RTO or RTC varies wildly between DR tests, Executives will think twice prior to activating DR.

Sequencing Service Recovery on demand:  Sequence and Recovery Time requirements for services differ based on the disruption.  Depending on the day-of-the-week or seasonal events, Business stakeholders may request a different sequence of service recovery than the planned scenario.  Plans and Planning assumptions should be adjusted based on needs of the user community.

Recovery Resource: Most traditional programs assume that recovery teams will travel to the recovery site when called upon to do DR.  In today’s 24x7 operations and global marketplace, the Recovery teams should be able to collaborate across time-zones and boundaries.

Murphy’s Law: In the event that issues disrupt recovery workflow, Incident Commanders need tools to identify, escalate, assign to SMEs and log these issues for After Action Reporting.

In BCM programs built with eBRP Suite, Plans are actionable & measurable, to create Effective Incident Response.

Build a better BCM program with less effort.