CommandCentre is a module to automate your Disaster Recovery workflow. Designed to be used to simulate scenarios, conduct DR tests & BC exercises or manage a disruptive incident. Real-Time Analytic dashboards provide decision support information for Senior Managers to Monitor, Measure and Manage for an effective Incident Response.

Auditors, regulators and senior executives want assurances that your Business Continuity plans will be effective when activated. You test your plans; but managing, measuring and monitoring those tests and exercises can be complex – especially without the proper tools. And an actual disruption of day-to-day operations may result in chaos without effective Command, Control and Communications capabilities.

That’s why we created eBRP Suite’ CommandCentre module. CommandCentre is designed for simulating incidents (to find gaps in planning assumptions), testing (to validate Plan effectiveness) and actual Incident Management.

From Incident Assessment to Integrated Notification, from Plan Activation to Issue Resolution, CommandCentre provides all the monitoring, measurement and management tools you need for effective Incident response. CommandCentre includes:

  • Incident Activation – Create incidents with many scenarios/injects. Activate relevant Toolkit BC/DR Plans to notify Plan Managers who can allocate tasks to Recovery Team members.
  • Collaboration - Notify downstream responders when tasks are ready to execute based on plan sequencing, timelines and dependencies - to efficient recovery. Smart-device accessibility enables collaboration among responders – no matter where they are.
  • Dynamic Workflow – A famous general once said “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. No BC or DR plan is ever perfect. CommandCentre enables you to add injects, reassign tasks to unplanned teams, change the order of tasks and manage unanticipated issues – all in real-time.
  • Dashboards – Status dashboards help responders stay on track. Plan Monitors keep Plan Managers informed and Incident Dashboards provide Incident Commanders & Senior Executives the information they need to make decisions.

More CommandCentre features